Music Theory and Uke

Anyone who has attended a concert, set foot on a football field during half-time, or even popped their head into a music shop knows that there are dozens, if not hundreds of choices when selecting a musical instrument. You’re probably well aware that there are countless options for aspiring musicians to pick up and try, whether you’ve been playing for years, or if your musical knowledge stops and ends at the Recorder classes that we all took in elementary school.

That’s right, you’re not the only one who has Hot Cross Buns seared into the back of their brain.

But hey, quick question—does anyone know the reason why we took those classes?

Because a long time ago Carl Orff, a German composer, decided that the recorder was the easiest instrument to learn Music Theory due to its simple style and (supposed) easy playability. He believed that it was the best instrument to introduce children to the concept of playing songs.

As people who never got our buns crossed quite right, we’re inclined to disagree.

Whether he was right or wrong, we like to think that Orff had the right idea when it came to introducing people to Music Theory with instruments that were easy for anyone to pick up. That’s one of the pillars behind our idea of having music lessons with ukuleles—it’s a relatively simple instrument that’s easy to pick up, and it’s a great introduction to learning how to play strings.

Ukes have four strings and come in four different sizes (Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone). Each size makes a different sound, which means that you can learn to play almost anything between them. We believe that everyone should take lessons and learn how to play one! We offer classes for aspiring musicians (not just on ukuleles, but most of the other instruments that we keep in stock!) with a team of talented instructors who are happy to help you every step of the way.

Being user-friendly means that it makes a great instrument to pick up and learn—that’s why we specialized our store after them! Our goal at the Uke galleria of Spartanburg is to spread the love of music, and what better way than through one of the most personable instruments out there?

So, obviously, the Uke Galleria of Spartanburg likes Ukuleles. Enough to stock them, name our store after them, and put a big one up on our sign. I don’t think that surprised anyone.

But the reason that we’re so nuts over the ukulele is because it’s such a fun instrument to play! If you’re a beginner, or if you’ve been playing for years, there’s no reason not to pick one up off of the shelves. Give it a strum, find your pitch, and see which one works best for you—we’ve got a whole team of people who are happy to help you find the right Uke for you.

We can almost guarantee that it’ll be a lot more fun than learning how to play the recorder was in grade school.

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